Sach O thinks that song title/credit list is a mouthful.

Now here’s a curve ball. Essentially crafting a full-on Funky House jam out of Philly gunners Starkey and Curly Castro’s Marvel backpack epic “Gamma Rays,” production duo The Elementz haven’t so much made a V.I.P edit as an entirely new track. Ironically, while Starkey’s self-proclaimed street bass owes much to UK Grime, the rolling house beat and minimalist vibes on this refix feel like a welcome update to the last generation of US club rap, minus the Yin Yang Twins, which is always a good thing in my book. It’s an interesting experiment that manages to merge rap and House music without resorting to Atlantic Records-endorsed trance sounds and epic breakdowns, and could point a way forward if East Coast rappers ever decide to stop living in the 90s.

As for Space Traitor Vol 2, it’s more Star Trek-influenced science fiction midway between grimy street bass and cosmic, melodic compositions. One of the best East Coast producers finding inspiration in UK styles while still retaining a distinctly American sound (along with Kingdom and Falty DL), Starkey’s stock has been a perpetual uptick since his appearance on Mary Anne Hobbs’ Wild Angels compilation with each release featuring brighter synths than the last. Just sayin’: If Kool Keith is still mad at the Automator but wants to take it back to Jupiter, there’d be far worse people to call.

MP3: The Elementz vs Starkey – Gamma Rays (Bricks VIP Mix)
Buy: Starkey – Space Traitor Vol 2.

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