July 4, 2011

Sach O: demented raver in a quarter-life crisis.

Happy 4th from your neighbors to the North. May it be filled with grilled meats, fireworks and no old British ladies on your money. I’m a fan of UK Bass, the UK Monarchy? Not so much. I have no idea what Hissy Fit’s politics are but he just liberated this new jam full of bleepy bass, beats and a chopped up R&B vocal which is apparently “the Hissy Fit thang.” Funny, I always thought “the Hissy Fit thang” was acting slightly snooty at Dubstep shows and eating vegetarian curry. In any case, the track is fresh and it gave me the perfect excuse to yell aaaaaccccciiiiiiiieeeeeeeeddddddd!!! at the top of my lungs like a demented ex-raver in a midlife crisis.

Hissy Fit – Sunshine by M. Hiscock/Hissy Fit

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