July 25, 2011

Sach O is dropping science, chemistry and possibly AP physics.

The received narrative is that Exothermic Reaction is a fluke, a long promised dub from a producer with little left to offer, generously provided by Non Plus, a label with whom the true credit lies. I don’t buy it. Skream has been releasing quality tunes left and right be it the acid rave of Hats Off, the dark footwork of Jukebox, the bedroom pop of Under the City Lights or the grab bag of hard and deep (pause) styles on last December’s Freeizm. True, his major label releases and DJ sets are harder and heavier than critics would like but if the sales of slammers and bangers finance David Lynch remixes, so be it.

But back to Exothermic Reaction, a track so long awaited by fans as to inspire an April Fools day Rick Roll on Russian pirate forums. On paper, it’s not so different than the ultra-heavy Dubstep critics are prone to slagging but where that stuff feels sloppy and unbalanced, Exothermic reaction is immaculately designed with tightly coiled bass lines interlocking and minimal percussion and howls bouncing off hollow synths. The second drop alone is worth the price of admission, a roller-coaster plunge into chainsaw territory of the best kind. It’s going to be fun dropping this one on snootier bass music crowds – I expect the results will look something like the “white people love Electric Guitar” skit on Chappelle.

BUY:  Skream – Exothermic Reaction
MP3: Skream – Jukebox
MP3: Skream ft. Sam Frank – City Lights (left click)

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