Scotty – Sept. 23rd from Tamarcus Brown on Vimeo.

Some brand Burn One the leader of a Country Rap Renaissance consumed primarily by those who never caught UGK on the first bounce. Maybe that’s true. I suspect that people could care less who listened to what and when. People gravitate towards Burn One’s beats because a baritone twang and Lee Dorsey funk will never fall out of style. It’s for those who didn’t merely like Outkast and Goodie because they were great at rapping. It’s because they loved the welterweight sauna stomp of Organized Noize at their most psychedelic. The blues spelled out in 808s and Stratocaster’s as crooked and bloody as a broken nose.

Scotty’s new tape has an Atliens sample, subtly placed on “Can’t Wait for You.” That’s three this year in Curren$y and K.R.I.T. Trend piece. Burn One also released a deliriously funky beat record earlier this year. As organic and dirty as the produce you get at a hippie supermarket. But much harder. This post is at least four days and a season late. I’m not like Ja Rule. I’m not always on time.

ZIP: Scotty & Burn One-Summer Dreams
ZIP: Burn One-The Ashtray

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