Schoolboy Q has been dropping nothing but snarling bouncy drug raps since at least January, and since I am a man who enjoys a good snarling bouncy drug rap (and the drugs that accompany it), I have pretty much been downloading all of it and not sharing because I am a selfish soul who is responsible for the closure of Altered Zones and rise of V-Nasty (sorry, as usual, the Jews were behind it. I also convinced China to keep the Yuan at artificially low values). I’m also responsible for overly long sentences.

The result is that Schoolboy has become the guy that other underground rappers talk about when they talk about dope overlooked rappers that they want to work with.  That’s why he stole the show on A$AP Rocky’s new tape and Dom Kennedy’s and Smoke DZA’s. He is this year’s Danny Brown and I anticipate his forthcoming record HABITS & Contradictions will do for him what XXX did for the Hybrid. Or maybe he just needs a pop star Yakuza haircut.

In the lead up to the release, the rap Angus Young has been flooding the market with new songs and videos. Setbacks has re-entered heavy rotation and has become pretty much a lock for the year-end list. So at the risk of not repeating myself, I’ll just go clearing house and post the litany of new material. Schoolboy Q: now with 100 percent more Menomena samples. As for Black Hippy, they pretty much owned this year and while it is utter sacrilege to compare anyone to Wu-Tang, they might be the only crew who doesn’t make me irate when people would make that comparison. If only because they once made a song called “West Coast Wu-Tang” sampling “Tearz.”  Might as well own up to that shit.

MP3: Schoolboy Q prod. by Alchemist-“My Homie”
MP3: Kendrick Lamar ft. Ab-Soul-“West Coast Wu-Tang”

ScHoolboy Q – My Hatin’ Joint [Prod. By Mike Will Made It] by Mixedbyali

ScHoolboy Q – Druggys WitH Hoes Again Feat. Ab-Soul by Mixedbyali

ScHoolboy Q – There He Go [Prod. By Sounwave] by Mixedbyali

ScHoolboy Q – Oxy Music [Prod. By THC] by Mixedbyali

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