January 3, 2012

No better way to start your year, day, or deluge than psychedelic soul. This is a battle-scarred serum that has done my mind right since my first diurnal doldrums (age 7, phonics class). Currently, no one holds the throne but Los Angeles’ own Adrian Younge.

It’s a crime concomitant with minor arson to have left his Something Off April off our year-end list, but it didn’t drop until November (and for just $4.99 at that Amazon link at that). He’s been releasing music for roughly a decade, in addition to teaching law, running a barber shop/record store, composing, doing film scores, and fronting Venice Dawn, who aim for the sweet spot between The Delphonics, Psychedelic Shack, Air, Morricone, Portishead,and RZA. A few of our favoritest things.

With both hemming and hawing, I break down his brilliance on my latest Mary Anne Hobbs appearance (airing today from 12-3 p.m). Below is “Turn Down the Sound,” which is a great song, but terrible advice. Also gratis, the Venice Dawn EP he did at the turn of the last decade, which will have you conjuring silent Spaghetti Western scenes in your imagination. This is fuzzy seraphic soul to sin to.

MP3: Adrian Younge-“Turn Down the Sound”

MP3: Jeff Weiss on Mary Anne Hobbs XFM Global Response (1/3/12)-“Adrian Younge Segment”

ZIP: Adrian Younge – Venice Dawn EP (Left-Click)


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