Congratulations to the Low End Theory podcast. It is now 21 episodes deep, old enough to legally drink. However, I suspect it has been illicitly imbibing for years, considering its frequent disappearances and loose-limbed approach. Thankfully, it has returned, now with 24 percent more wolves and gangs.

When I interviewed Syd tha Kid many full moons ago, she told me that she was a huge fan of dubstep and the bass music that gets heavy burn at the Low End Theory. Her DJ sets usually don’t reflect this. I think the one I saw at Low End San Francisco included roughly 16 Waka Flocka tracks. To her credit, she played “Grove St. Party” twice (my memory may be very very hazy). Here, she drops a whole lot of Machine Drum, Sinden, and some Three 6 Mafia to make sure that all collars are popped.

Daddy Kev goes deep with an elegiac mini-Dilla tribute, some Jonwayne, some Shlohmo, some rap, and some esoteric beats that make me wish that they published tracklists. Either way, it is somehow both refined and raw and that is the sort of contradiction that I can endorse.

MP3: Low End Theory Podcast: Episode XXI — Daddy Kev & Syd from Odd Future

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