4AD signs SpaceGhostPurrp and just think of the potential for corporate synergy. Deerhunter and the Raider Klan collaborating for “Suck a Dick for 2013.” The God of Black and Ariel Pink coming together for God of Pink, with all your favorite jams like “Leanin’ Round and Round.”  If we can get a Zomby and Spaceghost track this will be all worth it.

The great swag rap bubble is reaching Dutch tulip levels. I can’t see how Spaceghost will ever move more than 10,000 units, but by my calculation, that’s probably what Twin Shadow sells, so maybe it’s reasonable? Regardless, he’s smart not to take some major label deal where we his chances will be blown (Blu’d?). There had to be a better way I could have phrased that. “No Evidence” is some more stoned head bobbing in the MC Eiht meets Mystic Stylez mold. It works for me.  As does his advice: why hotbox when you can safely dispose of the vapors. That second-hand high stuff is bullshit.

Speaking of regionally displaced rappers, A$AP Rocky’s LIVELOVEA$AP was chopped and screwed by OG Ron C — complete with a “Purple Swag” remix with Bun B, Paul Wall, and Killa Kyleon. Watch for his imminent collaboration with The National.

MP3: SpaceGhostPurrp – “No Evidence”
MP3: A$AP Rocky ft. Bun B, Paul Wall, Killa Kyleon – “Purple Swag (H-Town All Stars Remix)”

ZIP: A$AP Rocky – LIVELOVEA$AP (Chopped by OG Ron C) (Left-Click)

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