Jonah Bromwich abandoned all playacting after he starred in The Cherry Orchard.

So Diplo has abandoned all playacting, huh? No more prancing around, pretending that he’s discovered something new, when what he’s actually done is tuned into some island nation’s top forty station for a couple of weeks, and then released a mix album on which he adds some perfunctory bells and whistles. Nope, he’s playing things straight, touring under Axe body spray and cashing checks from Blackberry. Add the new Azealia Banks song to the list of things that he personally endorses (he produced the track) that are already firmly embedded in the consciousness of your average young person.

That’s not to say that the new single “Fuck Up the Fun” is bad—as reprises of fame-making songs go, Azealia could do worse. She still sounds good over straightforward, pounding drums, drums which Diplo is savvy enough to provide, and her patois remains almost charming enough to make us momentarily forget how irritating she is on twitter. As for the rap itself, Banks pulls off doubletime with aplomb and it’s always fun to hear her splaying curses but she could use something more memorable than generic trash talking like “don’t fuck with your bitch when the rum in her punch” or “I hate to have to see you with your wig off bitch.” There’s just not much going on there.

And the song is broken up in two places by random ad-libbing, which kind of suggests that Azealia doesn‘t have the time or the patience or the work ethic to rap for two minutes and thirty seconds. Then again, as she reminds us at the end of the song, “she’s getting this money f’real, f’real, f’real.” What incentive is there for these kids to work when they’re getting signed on the basis of YouTube hits and Ouija boards?


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