Scooter Braun originally discovered Slava P  in early 2003 via his-now legendary Xanga page. The pair later parted ways over sartorial differences.

All Around The World feat. Ludacris

Stutters and synths meet
with high-tempo kicks and a
lazy Luda verse.


Bring 2Chainz back in.
I’m already sick of this.
Swag swag swag swag swag.

As Long As You Love Me feat. Big Sean

Big Sean interrupts
what could have been a throwback
Backstreet Boys-esque jam.

Take You

Dangerous Bieber
propositions you for sex
(only if you want)

Right Here feat. Drake

Chemistry so slick,
I can barely distinguish
one voice from the next.

Catching Feelings

Could whoever writes
Justin’s songs, ask him (kindly)
to enunciate?


Not an expert, but
didn’t Miley already
do this exact song?

Die In Your Arms

Cheerful old-school vibes,
like something Mike’s dad would’ve
forced him to preform.

Thought Of You

An energized tune
filled with uplifting vocals.
Fuck this little kid.

Beauty And A Beat feat. Nicki Minaj

Usher must be pissed
that Justin took his record
and made it better.

One Love

Upbeat drums and keys
with a recognized chorus.
Take that Bob Marley!

Be Alright

Forgettably safe.
Will accidentally make
someone fall in love.


Mellow; inspired;
evokes enough emotion
to drive a purchase.

Out Of Town Girl

Catchy production
mixed with come-hither content
and Timberland’s flow.

She Don’t Like The Lights

Justin croons about
his new girlfriend’s condition
of Xeroderma.


Best beef of last year
leads to Billie Jean part two…
watered down with piss


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