June 18, 2012

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Branding is everything. As an artist, it allows you to sell your fans not only music, but also the clothing, vodka and action figures required to properly enjoy that music. In recent years, the rap game seems to have burst into an assortment of acronyms and the boutique labels associated with them, all headed by someone that’s been labeled as a “trend-setter” at some point in their career. These trend-setters were given the daunting task of creating an imprint to house their future acts and giving it a catchy name. This task proved to be too daunting for some, who chose to just abbreviate a phrase instead. By shouting these abbreviation-creations throughout their songs, rappers hoped to gain “brand-stickiness” in the public mind. But when it came time to buy, was the product always ‘as advertised’, or were there defects?

Let’s examine what the biggest names in hip hop really stand for:


SODMG – Souljah’s Open Door Management Guide

TGOD – trap-grog over-dosers

OVO – Overturning vials ostensibly

TDE – talented degenerates entertaining

GOOD – grandiose overlords overthrowing Drake

BSM – battle scarred moguls

OFWGKTA – Only Fart-Whisperers & Granny-Killing Teens Allows

CTE – cantankerous trap enterprisers

MMG– mediocre munificent grunters

YMCMB – yesteryears musicians crowding Master Baby

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