Slava P listened to Chris Brown so you don’t have to.

Turn Up The Music

Retchingly catchy.
Nonsensical screams backed by
electro-pop drums.


Cocky Breezy time.
Is ‘Bassline’ Chris’ brand new
name for his penis?

Till I Die feat. Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa

The three amigos
rap about smoking more pounds
than their combined mass

Mirage feat. Nas

A tale of love lost
told through mumble-raps and whines.
Nas needs relevance.

Don’t Judge Me

Great song title Chris.
Strings play while he pleas that you
not make him “go there” (?!?)


The world is ending,
why not spend your last hours
poppin that pussy?

Biggest Fan

Another love song.
Even after all these years,
Breezy shits out hits.

Sweet Love

Well, he’s not rapping.
When it comes to raunchy jams,
the game on headlock.

Strip feat. Kevin McCall

Energetic snares
back a (surprise!) sex anthem
with a goon verse.

Stuck On Stupid

High tempo keys and
drums have Chris pay dues to the
Main Ingredient

4 Years Old

Self-reflection time!
But do toddler metaphors
violate parole?

Party Hard/ Cadillac (Interlude) feat. Sevyn

Half strip-club ballad,
half oldie doo-wop duet.
What did I just type?

Don’t Wake Me Up

From gentle guitar
chords to fierce autotune screams
in forty seconds.

Trumpet Lights feat. Sabrina Antoinette

Enter; synth jungle.
This may have also been on
Looking 4 Myself

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