Slava P is just saying that this album has a John Mayer guest spot.


Playstation noises.
All “classic” albums begin
with a short intro.

Thinking About You

Same vocals, third mix.
Callow, endearing lyrics.
But over-produced.


Flipping through channels,
a commercial for shit. Or,
a love song. Or both.

Sierra Leone

Sleepy and soulful,
an ambient song full of
confused imagery.

Sweet Life

Docile serenades
about privileged life
set to punchy keys.

Not Just Money

Sudden PSA!
A speech about money…from the
inside of a car?

Super Rich Kids feat. Earl Sweatshirt

A slowed down lament
on acceptance while wealthy.
Earl came back for this?

Pilot Jones

Oh shit! It’s Usher!
Another decent song that’s
also gibberish.

Crack Rock

A jazzy standout
with a consistent theme and
displaced instruments


Nine minutes. Three songs.
Varied levels ensure that
opinions are mixed.


A wunderlust jam
with smooth vocals on top of
pop-rock production

White feat. John Mayer

Strings from the white man
hoping to gain favor and
reclaim his lost “pass”


Neptunes inspired
beat and a pitchy tale of
him running away.

Bad Religion

Broken confessions
with an orchestral backing.
Totally gay bro.

Pink Matter feat. Andre 3000

Song of the album?
Dragonball Z and Andre
3K fans say “yes”

Forrest Gump

Tres controversial;
but in this age, why CAN’T you
feel love for Tom Hanks?


Outro told as a
voyeuristic departure.
Wow! Just like Prince!!


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