Like we always do about this time

Let me tell you what being shackled to the computer during the hottest months of the year without air-conditioning is like. I’m surrounded by all the fans I can find. It is not enough. I’m as naked as possible for as long as possible, but again. There are emails popping off, and they seem even more an intrusion than usual. The stupid questions are stupider. The sudden additions, subtractions, and multiplications are harder to do, and more frustrating. Albums are suddenly all too short. Having to switch between them once an hour? You can say what you want about the Pharaoh, but he had slaves for this. Smart guy. So, shuffle it is, only, God help me, there’s enough tough-stuff techno and ear-bleeding racket in there to accelerate brain-melt beyond my own point of usefulness. This is great, I tell myself. This is nature, this is the universal consciousness, Amen-Ra himself, bestowing his radiant love upon me, I tell myself. By this point, I have gone completely mad, and horrifying noise becomes sweet birdsong.

But don’t worry, this is mostly softer than that. I don’t hate you that much. Mostly. —Jeff Siegel.

Tracklist and mix below the jump.


01 Daniel Padden – Trust In His Deceptive Charm.mp3
02 Airhead – Wait.mp3
03 Gala Drop – Rauze.mp3
04 Gamelan Semar Pegulingan Saih Pitu – Gending Unduk, saih baro.mp3
05 David Cain – July.mp3
06 Derdiyoklar Ikilisi – Eminem.mp3
07 Supreme Cuts – Lessons Of Darkness (Apology).mp3
08 Harmonia & Eno `76 – Trace.mp3
09 Monoton – Soundsequence.mp3
10 Vatican Shadow – Cairo Is A Haunted City.mp3
11 Ukkonen – Tellervo.mp3
12 Nuno Canavarro – untitled.mp3

MP3: Summer Jamz, 2012 – Jeff Siegel Mix


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