It took every ounce of restraint for Deen not to make an “It Wasn’t Me” joke.

I’ll probably go into this at a later date, but a shockingly large amount of my favorite rap in 2012 has come from beige-colored rappers. I know, disappointing. I’m becoming more tolerant in my old age. I suppose the silver lining to this predicament is the fact that Robb Bank$ has easily usurped Kirko Bangz as my favorite taupe-shaded MC and that’s a great thing. Banks is ridiculous technically and “Bend Ova Like That,” his second collaboration with SpaceGhostPurrp (the first being “Looks Like Basquiat“) is proof positive of that talent.

After the ASAP/Raider Klan drama came to light a little while ago, I was a little sad that we wouldn’t be hearing more collaborations from those camps, given the chemistry between them. But if Robb Bank$ is going to pick up the baton, I’m more than fine with that. The young Floridian gets a little too light-skinned at times (vanity is a must with these bright niggas), but he more than makes up for that with humor, brashness, a dazzling variety of flows, impressive wordplay, great taste in production and enough pop-culture references to make you realize that Curren$y really isn’t that weird. Forgive me if that sounds like a man-crush in the making, but the kid is a really good rapper. I tend to like good rappers. Then I stan for them when they become great. Bank$ has a new project titled Year of the Savage dropping soon. I’m looking forward to that.

As for this song, SpaceGhostPurrp moves just a bit further away from the lo-fi sound that got him on the radar. More interestingly, I think he’s getting much better at this rap shit. Like flowing and putting words together n’shit as opposed to slightly deranged chanting. I welcome this development, but I’m still partial to better MCs rhyming over his soundscapes.

For their next trick, I’d like a song where they both happen to be rhyming about similar shit. The message on “Like That” is a little confusing. Young Bank$ is a little too aggro for the hook on this shit. You can’t be threatening niggas’ lives and calling them “lil’ bitch” while simultaneously telling someone (presumably bitches) to twerk and fuck like Beyonce, Trina and Skin Diamond (great taste in pr0n fellas – pause).

Or they can just keep making shit like this. I ain’t even mad…


Robb Bank$ – Calendars (Left-Click)

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