Son Raw don’t like your kind, you a bougie hoe.

Lunice and Hudson Mohawke have apparently had enough of canny interlopers borrowing bits and pieces of their swag for the purpose of multi-million dollar rap hits. To be honest, I’m not too sure what they’re talking about: the dialogue between their luminescent brand of bass music and mainstream Hip-Hop has always seemed fairly unidirectional save for maybe Azealia Banks, although I support any and all attempts to reverse that situation. Young Chop, Southside and Lex Luger may not be running around with Night Slugs t-shirts yet, but just you wait. TNGHT’s realization that the line between a big budget rap beat and an underground anthem is thinner than ever is good news for music in general: rap could benefit by an influx of creative synth noodlers not beholden by tradition and bass music could get a much needed injection of urban energy (and cash.)

Play spot the influence in this Flocka remix and prepare for Inception-level layering and confusion: are those synths grimy or crunk? Is this an appeal to the bass music crowd or their take on a rap beat? Can we all agree that this is better than Nicki Minaj calling RedOne? One thing’s for sure, if this means more remixes with different beats instead of a bunch of guest verses – Flocka’s done the world a huge favor.

Speaking of Lunice, I’ll be opening for him, as well as Jacques Green and Machinedrum, at Montreal’s Piknic Electronik on Sunday July 29th. They gave me a 3 hour set so expect an extended journey through my crates, as well as a few surprises. I’m not above Rick Rolling a couple of thousand people.

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