Don’t get it twisted, Son Raw hasn’t seen Molly in a minute.

Quick history lesson: back when E was all the rage in Europe, rave music became increasingly frenetic, euphoric and (let’s face it) cheesy. Everyone knows that part of the story, but what happens next is the real interesting bit: as the drug addicted masses faced diminishing returns every time they popped another dud pill, the music they danced to got darker and faster, reflecting their speedy, embittered high. I have no idea how much MDMA Danny Brown consumes but judging by this collabo with Araabmuzik, he’s just about crossed over into the dark side, the perfect place for a rapper who’s made his name off paranoid rants and rock star hedonism.

The flip side to yesterday’s TNGHT remix which saw bass music producers taking on Hip-Hop, Molly Ringwald sees Brown and Araabmuzik fanute the darkest of dance tropes into a Triple 6 style banger. Fans of Electronic dreams have heard this kind of beat before but Araab’s music (heh) has only gotten crisper and more precise, augmenting his sample science with 808 snare rolls and hi-fi mixing. Meanwhile Danny continues to prove that he’s just as capable at club bangers as he is at concept albums and boom-bap, making him perhaps the most versatile rapper of his generation. Kendrick’s got him on flow, Bronson on punchlines and Rocky on swag but for sheer energy and underdog appeal, ain’t nobody touching him. Let’s just hope he knows when to leave molly alone, too much of that shit will leave holes in your brain if you’re not careful.


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