There’s a variety of ways to evaluate rap music. You can break it down based on beat, flows, lyrics,or quality of engineering. You can measure it strictly on whether bangs in your car or not. Or you can get abstract and try to postulate about how much it contributes to the evolution of the genre.

You can also measure it entirely off reaction. When I hear “Flight Confirmation,” I want to twist up a blunt the size of Anthony Davis’ arms, drink a gallon of whiskey (fuck clear liquor), and order mail-order Soviet brides off Single Baltic Lady.Com (PRETTY WOMEN FROM THE UKRAINE ARE LOOKING FOR TRUE LOVE NOW) Is this rational behavior? Certainly not. But such is the gun-to-temple affect of Russian Roulette. The video’s epileptic blur of visuals from Fear and Loathing and the Ultimate Warrior doesn’t help either.

Re-read Sach’s review. Says everything I would’ve said about this record and more. Best thing from the USSR since Arvydas Sabonis. Stream it at Spin. Shouts out to all pelicans, Yakuzas, and Yuri’s.


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