August 9, 2012

Slava P dances like a white man with the confidence of a Ukranian man.
With a name change and a new career
Tity’s album is finally here
Some hits were expected
and it’s far from perfected
but don’t expect play past this year

Yuck feat. Lil’ Wayne
Hurried strings and kicks
lift extension cord punchlines
and a dozy Wayne.

Expected trap jam.
Not revolutionary,
but you can’t be mad.

Dope Peddler
Double time patterns
layed on unbalanced sample.
Overly clappy.

No Lie feat. Drake
Tity’s biggest hit
still needed the aid of that
hook whore for hood cred

Birthday Song feat. Kanye West
Birthday songs for self.
When I die, bury me in
Kanye West’s ego.

I’m Diffrent
I spot a typo!
Theme: originality
Content: recycled

Extremely Blessed feat. The-Dream
What in the fuckshit?
Listen, Mister Terius.
Stick to songs FOR women.

I Luv Dem Strippers feat. Nicki Minaj
Pole ready anthem.
Nicki and 2 Chainz clearly
just swapped strip club tracks.

Stop Me Now feat. Dolla Boy
Out of hood! Rejoice!
Sounds like a mixtape misplace.
That’s not a bad thing.

Money Machine
Spooky production
stamped with a complacent flow.
Hear that fading buzz?

In Town feat. Mike Posner
These hooks aren’t working.
Do you know what’s not too TRUU?
The fifth Backstreet boy.

Ghetto Dreams feat. Scarface & John Legend
An odd pairing with
features. Looks good on paper,
and recycling bins.

Wut We Doin feat. Cap.1
Trusted formula,
but abrasively simple.
Swaggadile Dundee!

Countdown feat. Chris Brown
No. I don’t want this.
Kill it. Kill it with fire.
Dubstep your way home.


T.R.U Lies Starring Drake & 2Chainz

You Can Never Break the (2) Chainz: Atlanta’s Next Hope

Straw Boi: A Defense of 2Chainz

Download: via TSS
MP3: 2Chainz ft. Lil Wayne – “Yuck” (Left-Click)


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