August 22, 2012

Son Raw doesn’t smoke M39.

I wanted to start this post by saying that Gunplay never appearaed on a song with Drake but the Internet debunked that. Thanks a lot Youtube, some things are better left forgotten. This shouldn’t matter though because Gunplay is still the anti-Drake: loud, insensitive and a 150 proof distillation of I-don’t-give-a-fuckness. Son has swastika tattoos and STILL got signed to a major label in 2012 and that says something. Exactly what it says, I’m not exactly sure… probably that C. Dolores Tucker lost or that Gunplay didn’t spend a whole lot of time in history class back when. Either way, I don’t expect to see him palling around with skinheads any time soon and this video for M1 should solidify his status as the most interesting rapper on Maybach music. Somewhere, right now, Pill is very, very bitter.

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