August 30, 2012

Son Raw just got back from NYC. Here’s some recent listening from his ride back up state.

Elijah Vs. Shiftee: USA meets UK mixtape
This kind of cross-cultural meeting of minds rarely ends up as anything substantial since the gulf between what’s going on in the UK and the US rarely allows for any direct influence due to differences in tempo and styles. Luckily, USA meets UK gets past this tokenism thanks to an A-list selection of Grime beats and an allstar roster of New York emcees including Action Bronson, Nas, El-P, Meyhem Lauren, Mr Muthafuckin Exquire, alongside Detroit native (and noted Grime fan) Danny Brown. While it would have been nice to hear the equally strong UK emcees over some American beats and there’s some significant time-stretching going on since the US guys are still rapping at 90 something BPM, consider this a great introduction if you’re curious about London’s urban music but aren’t yet sold on the accent and slang yet.

Royal-T – XLR8R mix
Royal-T’s album is going to be massive – more specifically, the kind of massive that gets music journalists to reconsider what genres are hot or not. This XLR8R mix is the perfect introduction to the man who I’ve called the hottest beatmaker on the planet for the past 11 months, an ultra energetic workout that bangs with all the energy of the hardest Dubstep but swings with the funk of the world’s best club music. It isn’t for the faint of heart (whoever wrote that XLR8R writeup sounds positively scared) but if you’re trying to take your workout to the next level, Royal-T’s the soundtrack. Also very good for aimlessly walking around timesquare on a sugar buzz.

Mz Bratt – Rocket Launcher
I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble but most of those new American female emcees won’t be around next year – they’re all gimmick and as soon as bored music critics decide that girls/gay-dudes/white people rapping aren’t the in thing, none of those kids will have a real fan base to stand on. London’s Mz Bratt however should be along for a long time. Combining a Ragga flow with strong Grime credentials, she’s steadily crafted club banger after club banger without using her gender as a crutch, easily rapping circles around all of these new jacks that just discovered club music. This is that real.

Discarda – Rhyme on (Mr. Mitch)
Discarda kind of looks like Eric Cartman and rhymes like he was in special ed for a year or two as a child but he’s so bizarrely unique that I can’t help but love his style. I won’t blame anyone for not “getting” his style since he’s about as local as it gets, but if you ever wondered what a carnival barker might sound like on the microphone, give this single a shot.

Kozzie ft. JME – I’m Grime & Merky Ace – Eff Tizzy
Two family tree members (and Grime legend JME) murdering beats, nothing more nothing less.

 CAS – Drugs don’t Work
To be honest, I don’t even know what to call this (Road rap?) but I saw it on Zomby’s twitter and it’s raw.

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