Hype Williams isn’t even trying anymore. But that’s fine, because nobody involved with Fat Joe‘s new video for “Pride N’ Joy” seems to be trying. Joey receives the Hype treatment of getting nothing but his torso on camera in front a multi-colored screen; Miguel and Roscoe Dash receive just enough screen-time to help you realize who sang which part of the hook; and Kanye West couldn’t even be bothered to put on sleeves.

When the lead single of your album is just “enh”, you need to pair it with some strong visuals to convince the masses that they should waste 4 minutes of their life on it. Unfortunately all this video manages to do is display slow-motion car porn and help me achieve a weird boner from seeing Ashanti looking semi-decent in leopard print pants. Other than that, this video just reaffirms all of my suspicions: Hype Williams’ videos probably take 20 minutes to make, Busta’s face looks like a cracked clay dish, and DJ Khaled doesn’t do a single gottdamn thing.

MP3: Fat Joe ft. Kanye West, Mos Def, Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes, Roscoe Dash (Left-Click)

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