August 30, 2012

Slava P also endorses cinnamon babka.

Who is Raz Fresco? He’s a 17 year old rapper, producer, and Rajon Rondo look-a-like who hails from Toronto and is a part of Bakers Club, the Northern equivalent of New York’s Pro Est movement (equivalent, in that both crews enjoy wearing old vintage Ralph Lauren clothes and rapping like it’s the 90’s). For most of the 2011-2012 Toronto concert season, you couldn’t attend a single rap show without seeing Raz Fresco and his Bakers Club co-hort 6th Letter opening. This led to them amassing a semi-cult following throughout the city, strengthened by the release of strong mixtapes like Raz Fresco’s Cakey Pockets. For those of you who love comparisons (and who doesn’t?!); Raz Fresco sounds like the more playful, enunciating brother of Joey Badass.

Recently, Raz linked up with Brandun Deshay for “Super Smash Bros.,” a song that was produced by Raz two years ago and just recently received an accompanying video. Watch Raz and Brandun bro around an arcade and a poorly lit crack house while solving a Rubik’s cube!

Raz is the rapper who remembers the face of the fans in the front row and meets them later, the rapper who will grab the mic to perform when there’s an unscheduled break in the show, the rapper who will answer a simple question about his influences with a 25 minute monologue. So as a city that’s infamous for birthing the most polarizing Hip-Hop Icon in recent memory, I think it’s only right that we crown a new flag-bearer. By default.

ZIP: Raz Fresco – Cakey Pockets


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