September 4, 2012

Slava P was wired when he wrote this, so forgive him if he goes too fast.

Continuing to cement his role as the lovable underdog of MMG, Gunplay has dropped a video for “Take This,” one of the singles off his 601 & Snort mixtape. Looking visibly unhinged throughout the video (which he apparently directed as well), Gunplay demonstrates to us the true definition of a “barnyard pimp” by shaking down a none-too-convincing prostitute for the wads of cash she has stuffed in unmentionable crevices and by engaging in a Time Cop-esque fight scene with the aforementioned lay-lady-lay. All in all, it’s a video depicting some of the more culturally acceptable acts that Gunplay has engaged in.

For someone who raps almost exclusively about his vices on every song, Gunplay has a captivating way of keeping the listener’s attention by throwing in some lyrical dexterity amongst the circular hooks. He’s like Meek Mill with an indoor voice, a knack for creating new words, and a drug problem. He does not live a glamorous life, but that does not stop him from living it fast. Some people hate Gunplay because he does cocaine; chances are, Gunplay hates you because you DON’T do cocaine. If you did, maybe you would be able to make sense of what he means when he raps about being “Jupiter Jack Daniels”.

Also, Gunplay looks like a young Morgan Freeman with poor decision-making skills. So there’s that.

ZIP: Gunplay – 601 & Snort (Left-Click)

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