September 14, 2012

Son Raw’s teeth grind like a skater do

Could Odd Future make a comeback in the second half? After a mediocre compilation album complete with the worst videos since D12 and The Internet’s soporific Chillwave reheat, the once shocking group seemed in danger of becoming a permanent asterix in rap – the kind of entity with plenty of fans who otherwise only listen to Skrillex or Ariel Pink or whatever dudes who with giants holes in their ears rock in 2012. Thankfully, after a strong Frank Ocean album and a stronger Domo Genesis release, the crew seems to have found their footing and gotten back to doing what they do best: releasing weird, underground rap music.

Not that this is Hodgy and Left Brain at their weirdest: there’s no rape imagery or abrasive sonics to be found here, only 808s and jazz chords, but that this is considered business as usual in 2012 belies the group’s impact. One of OF’s least discussed aspects was how they helped bring back the old trick of spitting hard lyrics over smooth music . A mirror opposite of Lex Luger’s bombast, this kind of blunted, hazy jazz points to a way forward beyond a trap and drill formula that’s increasingly diminishing in returns. As for Hodgy, he’s still combining traditional lyricism to a nihilistic worldview, the perfect kick to separate this from your average underground track. Well played.

MP3: Mellowhype – Decoy

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