Nosaj Thing’s music is never an accident. You can’t imagine that his songs could bond any other way, but they never feel calculated. Pianos recall his classical education. Codas never dissolve into chaos. Everything is meticulous and properly alphabetized. Between that and his obviously singular ear, he might be the best pure songwriter of the producers in the Low End Theory lineage. So a team-up with Kazu Makino of Blonde Redhead is an ideal fit.

You might remember Jason Chung’s remix of The xx’s “Islands.” It helped him cross over out of the dance music world and deservedly get that worldwide touring money. The lead cut from his forthcoming Home 10″seems like a logical expansion of that aesthetic — except that rather than rely on a pre-existing template, he’s created one to his own specifications. Like the cover of his last record, the glowing synthesizer vapor trails always seem to conjure the flight path of a UFO. But with this, he’s added a little more blood via human vocals. Less a UFO soaring in the sky, but more the soundtrack that you’d greet them with after they land.


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