On his first four albums, Nosaj Thing communicated mostly through instrumentals. 'Continua' is a communication between artistic forms that can’t be translated into logical language.
Chris Daly is cruise-controlling through summer in anticipation of Nosaj Thing's forthcoming September LP, 'Parallels.'
The new Nosaj track is the perfect song to accompany your summer night drives.
Today we premiere the new track from D Tiberio.
The new EP from Nosaj Thing is another stellar exercise in finely crafted electronic music.
Shortly before his gear and hard drives were stolen, Nosaj Thing played a set impossible to replicate
Chris Daly is fluent in both Sith and Jedi. The casual music fan could be forgiven for not being too familiar with Journey to the West, the 2008 Chinese opera penned by Damon Albarn. While the stage show is allegedly the kung-fu equivalent of Cirque du Soleil, unless you were one of the fortunate few […]
In which it is revealed that Nosaj Thing made the second half of the beat for “Pusha Man” from Acid Rap. This is probably my favorite moment on the album and I had previously assumed it was composed by Curtis Mayfield’s ghost. Wrong again. My review drops tomorrow on Pitchfork if you are interested. If […]
Nosaj Thing in the Boiler Room, in evil Ryu mode, unleashing Hadouken punches on the unsuspecting hordes. The tracklist and the Soundcloud link below the jump. Home is out now on Innovative Leisure.