Slava P bought a tomb next to Howard Zinn after listening to this album.

Ayesha Says (Intro)
Familiar qualms
offered by poetic sis:
like angry Wale.

Strange Fruition feat. Casey Benjamin
White guilt overload
over deconstructed strings
and loose metaphors.

ITAL (Roses)
Pedantic lectures:
rap-pleas & pander

Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free)
Alternate title:
How to lose fans and add name
to Do Not Fly list

Audubon Ballroom
A civil rights song
about respecting yourself
and shots for Gwenyth

Bitch Bad
Bitch bad. Woman good.
Message preached, not understood.
Bang bang, 3 hunna

Lamborghini Angels
Panicked words against
institutions of power
over hurried keys

Put Em Up
Jumpy theme concepts
on half decent production
with dense similes

Heart Donor
Artificial sweet
melody with a bland beat
and low-key preaching

How Dare You feat. Bilal
The radio song
with vibrator metaphors.
Otherwise, hollow

Battle Scars
Twisted love story
or a war allegory.
Either way, sub par

Brave Heart feat. Pooh Bear
Horrible chorus,
slightly better imagery +

Form Follows Function
Vintage Lu wordplay
without all the preach and teach.
Come back, Wasalu.

Cold War feat. Jane $$$
Haunting chimes filled with
ethereal street content.
Chorus ruins it.

Unforgivable Youth feat. Jason Evigan
A compassion jam
for the ancient lost people
who now make CDs

Hood Now (Outro)
A “tanning” end to
the “Great American Rap”.
Fuck you, white people!


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