MobbDeen: Smoke DZA’s “K.O.N.Y.” Mixtape

Deen would also like to extend a fuck you to Obasanjo. Has anyone else noticed that learning to like or at least learning to tolerate shitty rappers isn’t a phenomenon restricted to the...
By    October 5, 2012

Deen would also like to extend a fuck you to Obasanjo.

Has anyone else noticed that learning to like or at least learning to tolerate shitty rappers isn’t a phenomenon restricted to the “mainstream”? In other words, even less than popular rappers that you aren’t fond of can weasel their way into your listening rotation if you’re exposed to them often enough. I think you’ve already figured out where I’m going with this.

Like 2 Chainz, I don’t understand why Smoke DZA exists. However, like 2 Chainz, I’ve come to tolerate and occasionally enjoy Smoke DZA’s music. That said, he had a lot less to overcome than Tit, given my proclivity towards drug flavored rap and natural suspicion of coons that can’t dance as well as me or sport dreadlocks.

I’ve never really cared for Smoke DZA since folks like Wiz, Currensy and Juicy J have the drug/lazy lifestyle angle covered. Basically, Mr DZA is on that Department of Redundancy Department shit – even down to the Wu-aping moniker. I understand that this isn’t the fairest criticism, since we ran out of new things to rap about around 1996, but I think what I think and that’s just what it is (hey, if Mitt Romney can get away with that level of reasoning, I don’t see why I can’t – I’m at least Three-Fifths of what he is. At least!) The only “unique” thing about DZA is that he happens to be from New York. And maybe that he’s fat – but Action Bronson is fat too.

Despite all of those complaints and my feigned indifference, I think it’s time for me to give up and just admit that I’m a Smoke DZA fan. Maybe it’s all about the music, but I think it has more to do with the fact that I can’t avoid the guy and he doesn’t really ruin anything I hear him on. I’d make a list of things I’ve heard him on, but that would require effort I’m incapable of mustering, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. This nigga is slyly on everything I listen to. He just appears outta nowhere and I don’t get upset, so he’s gotta be some kinda decent with all his repurposing of legends’ lyrics and vaguely criminal approach to weed/lifestyle rap.

I can’t even tell if this K.O.N.Y. project is better than any of his other shit, since I don’t really fuck with any of it like that. But I’m listening to it while writing this shit and I’m enjoying it. A lot. Even though I think he’s insulted me or people like me (i.e., folks that don’t fuck with him) about eighty-leven times. In fact, I’m beginning to suspect that it’s the increased (again, I can’t be sure about this) aggression that’s inspired me to actually pay enough attention to him to write about him. I think it’s clear that I’m very confused as to why I’m writing this. The struggle.

To be completely honest, I can’t just attribute my enjoyment of this tape to the excellent guests – Fat Trel is especially impressive and Vado reminds you that he’s alive. Nor can I say it’s entirely about the uniformly dope and bass heavy production. Smoke DZA actually has some spit to him. Pause. He actually says shit I like and remember. SMH. And he showed enough restraint not to use THAT Chris Walken sample until the EIGHTH track.

Fuck it. I’m a fan. But DZA WILL FUCKING CHILL with that K.O.N.Y. shit. Your music is dope homie, but go have all the fucking seats with that bullshit. Know your fucking role or I’ll do everything within my considerable power to ensure that you, Vado and Young Dro have a death-match to decide who gets to say “POLO” incessantly and exclusively on rap songs…

ZIP: Smoke DZA – K.O.N.Y. (Left-Click)

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