Ka and Roc Marc rap in black and white. You are fam or foe. Weight is moving or it’s not. Struggle. Street politics. The pen keeps scribbling.

Together, they are De Niro and Liotta in Goodfellas—before the fall, of course. They are camo shorts and crisp black and white tees. It’s the anti ‘bubble-gum backpack shit’ uniform. And they are train tracks and street corners. It’s how I’ve always pictured them spitting their narratives. No booth. No mic. Just two MCs on the block rapping their asses off. Ka, sitting in the director’s chair here, is inside my mind.

The video is minimal. It’s bare bones. And it works. There aren’t any special effects, out of this world camera angles, bodies moving in reverse. Basically, Spike Jonze isn’t directing. Ka supplies himself and Roc without a filter. And if it weren’t for the fact that I’m on my computer and in my room, I’d feel like I was there. Roc and Ka really do ‘set a higher standard.’ Maybe I should go outside.

Anyway, Grief Pedigree is going make it on many a Best Of list for 2012. If not, it should be. And Roc’s Reloaded will be dropping near the middle of next month. If “I Shot the King” is any indication, it will be on those Best Of lists as well. Get your money through a wire transfer or however you need to so you can pick the albums up. Marc will trample you like a woolly mammoth if you don’t. That or he might just lay back with the mach and wait. Either way, Ka will have the camera running.


Question in the Form of an Answer: Ka


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