MobbDeen: Big Sant Steps Out from Big K.R.I.T’s Shadow

Deen is trying to turn this into something. DM him (binder women only) It’s taken long enough, but we finally have a new project from Big KRIT’s right hand man, Big Sant. I suppose...
By    October 17, 2012

Deen is trying to turn this into something. DM him (binder women only)

It’s taken long enough, but we finally have a new project from Big KRIT’s right hand man, Big Sant. I suppose that’s more than we can say for scores of weed carriers too numerous to mention in this space (shouts to Spliff Star though – he’s the best – forever and always), but I’m not here to disparage Sant, given that his debut, post-KRIT’s qualified major label success, does quite a bit to delineate him from his homie.

As a matter of fact, I’m willing to suggest that MFxOG is a much more entertaining affair than any of the last 3 KRIT projects. I really mean that. Obviously, few are KRIT’s equal when it comes to sounding earnest and depressingly Z-RO-ish as fuck on the mic, but few are Sant’s equal when it comes to shit and pimp talk. I’ve believed this for as long as I’ve been listening to KRIT, since the first song on the first full-length KRIT project I listened to (2010’s KRIT Wuz Here) featuring Big Sant on the second verse. Sant sounded brasher and worldlier than his partner in rhyme and I recall seeking out his mixtapes shortly after I was done immersing myself in KRIT’s best project to date.

So yeah, I’ve been waiting on a Big Sant project for a long time. Thankfully, Sant doesn’t disappoint. Basically, you get the excited, and occasionally, earnest (yes), ramblings of the loudest muthafucka at the barbershop. Black dudes understand that. The rest of you are shit outta luck. Tough break niggas.

Outside of a misstep or two – no one is still shitting on Southern rappers like that, so there’s nothing to be defensive about (Rap Nigga) and the mastering seems a bit off on a few tracks – this is one really solid effort. Mostly excellent production from KRIT, Sledgren and Cardo, amongst others and an appropriate amount of guest verses sprinkled throughout the project. I admit to being predisposed towards shit like this (I have a soft spot for weed carriers and hype men), but I’m pleasantly surprised at how good this is.

Best of all is the fact that Sant showed enough restraint to keep things limited to 12 tracks. More artists need to learn to keep their gunpowder dry. Why give 20 tracks away when you aren’t even charging for the shit? You dilute the project and waste material that could have been used for a new mixtape (i.e., more promo) later on. If you aren’t charging for it at all and you’re even a little bit decent, you should be able to make your point in under or around 14 tracks. EPs – that’s where it’s at.

Back to Sant. I hate that I’ve brought KRIT up so many times (that’s one more) in this piece, given how well Sant establishes his unique voice on MF x OG. Even with the former providing production and vocal support, you don’t forget who’s in charge of things for a minute. If it’s any consolation, Sant doesn’t seem too bothered by any of this kind of shit. As the muthafuckin OG states “bitch I ain’t no hypeman, I’m still holding my nuts.” That’s one brash muthafucka…

ZIP: Big Sant – MF X OG (Left-Click)

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