October 24, 2012

Danny Brown enters the trap: not just your trapper’s trap, but also your favorite British DJ’s trap. This was the only logical conclusion considering The Hybrid is basically the American Dizzee Rascal and he once made a video called “Gypped by a Crackhead.” This doesn’t feel like appropriation of a trend, it feels like natural evolution.

What’s been so compelling about the rise of Danny Brown is watching him transform from a throat-slashing Detroit rapper with bars to a gonzo molly-propelled character as animated as Reggie Noble. With bars. Between him and Gunplay, we have thankfully re-filled our prescription for gumby-voiced druggies with acid wit and freeway underpass stank. Did I mention that this video is Pen and Pixel themed. How is it possible that no one had yet to make Mercedes’ Rear End album cover come to life? This is why Danny Brown is necessary.

Below the jump, Zilla Rocca and Has-Lo have remixed “Grown Up.” With #Style.

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