Son Raw is bringing back crunk.

Danny Brown is perhaps the only person on earth who could release a collabo with a pair of living, breathing, American Apparel manikins AND a video detailing his trip to  the Gathering of the Juggalos within the same 24 hour period. While I’m more disturbed by the former (at least those Jugglos know how to have fun) this Purity Ring track is surprisingly listenable with Danny rapping over it – diet-trap with a white girl singing the hook. At the very least, it beats Gaga’s attempt at the same even as it accelerates the subgenre/meme’s doomed trajectory towards irrelevance. Who are we going to get to talk about this shit on “I Love the 2010’s?” Diplo?

We’ve truly reached singularity when a trend’s backlash hits before it even peaks. It’s hard to feel bad in this particular case of cultural theft however: when your subgenre’s leading lights include Gucci and OJ the Juiceman, you can pretty much bet that goofy white kids will eventually catch on and start doing the same thing with Moombaton lazers. Shame about the hard-style though, pushing Trance music is the middle-class equivalent of moving weight in that it kills braincells and ruins lives. Apparently, even the Purity Ring crowd knows better than that, although I wouldn’t be surprised if Danny Brown laced Tiesto with a verse for the right price.

MP3: Purity Ring ft. Danny Brown – Bellspeak II

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