Son Raw is bringing back the 8-track.

New York invented the mixtape but London perfected the tape pack: multi-cassette recordings of the best Jungle and Garage raves for those too young attend and those who want to relive the magic. In the days where 12” singles were the medium of the mix, these epic compilations offered a glimpse of the music how it was meant to be heard: in a big room with a crowd full of people off their head. And while the format hasn’t survived outside of a few speciality blogs’ archives, the good folks at Butterz have done one better by uploading nearly every set from their signature rave this past Saturday.

All of the usual suspects are here: Royal-T shines with a Stone Cold Steve Austin sample, Champion proves that UKFunky is best when it’s most divorced from its house roots, Elijah & Skilliam drop classics and unheard dubs and Swindle gets absolutely funky, playing the keyboards live. Throw in a killer dancehall set from The Heatwave and some stunningly cripse sound quality and you’ve got enough mixes to last you through till their next bash in February. Now if only trans-Atlantic flights were cheaper…


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