November 14, 2012

King Foe “Goth Swag”
from BLKHRTS on Vimeo.

Son Raw always had a thing for goth chicks.

To art rap or not rap? Fuck if I know: I think A$AP Rocky is top 5 spitting right now but you couldn’t pay me to write about LE1F or Dominic Lord. No seriously, no publication that cares about those guys has enough money to get me to write for them. Meanwhile Yams is talking breezy about EDM trap a few months after Rocky claimed to have been working with Skrillex. It’s a strange world we’re living in but nothing separates the real from the fake quite like time: we’ll see who’s around come next December. Meanwhile The BLCKHRTS return with Goth-Swag. It’s an attention-grabbing title, maybe not for the right reasons, but they were ahead of the curve on this aesthetic and never got recognized for it. Ergo, I won’t blame them for spelling it out in their track titles if that’s what it takes to get noticed these days. Not as long as the dark beats and fast raps continue.

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