There are certain things that European producers may never understand about the sensitivities of domestic slang. I imagine that’s why they were nonchalant about appropriating trap and not even bothering to change the name. And yes, I know that many of the most trapey were Americans, Chicago-born (word to S. Bellow, literary precursor to Flostradamus).

In that vein, Debruit describes his new single as “Palestinian ghetto-funk.” I will elide the first two adjectives to focus solely on the third. This is a very funky beat and few if any chop up exotic samples like Debruit (see also: “Nigeria What” and “Persian Funk.” ) One can myopically dream that both Israelis and Palestinians could hear this and immediately stop the internecine warfare. That’s too bad, but on the bright side, it spares us the indignity of watching Benjamin Netanyahu dance the electric slide.

Tracks below the jump.


ZIP: Guillamino vs. Debruit – Ball D’ Hebron (Left-Click)

débruit / Ball d’Hébron by dEbruit

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