In the words of the honorable Clifford Smith describing my all-time favorite chef: this is some marvelous shit. Adrian Younge, psychedelic soul satrap, meets up with the Delfonics to wring new life out of their amber-preserved vocal cords. This is somewhere between “Hey There, Lonely Girl” and The Temptations’ Psychedelic Shack, or maybe it is just the just the ideal version of the Delfonics circa 2012.

If Younge coaxes a great album out of Ghostface, it might be time to give this man the Honorary Rick Rubin Award (comes with a lifetime supply of vegan doughnuts. This could be the best pairing of old and new since Snoop met the Fabulous Dramatics. Beautiful falsetto laments below the jump (h/t to the Steadiest of Bloggers.)

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