December 21, 2012

For the last Shots Fired of the year, Nocando and I had on Paul Iannacchino as our guest. Paul is the director of “Adult Rappers,” a documentary film about what it’s like to be a grown man and still rapping. A good portion of the episode was spent making jokes about Brian Pumper, the only adult rapper of any infamy. In a past life, Paul was also the DJ for the Def Jux-signed Hangar 18 (under the name DJ paWL). From his life and research, he had a lot of insight into the difficulty of transitioning into rap as a career and why or why not, rappers fall off. See also, the episode summary below.

“Paul Iannacchino, the director of “Adult Rappers,” who is also one of the founding members of rap group Hangar 18 (under the name DJ paWL) joins MC Nocando and Jeff Weiss this week to discuss why rappers fall off. They talk about which rappers they think have fallen off, the issue with branding, and which rappers have stayed relevant over time. DJ paWL also tells us how he got the idea to create his documentary “Adult Rappers,” what his definition of an adult rapper is, and why Hip-Hop is a genre that doesn’t age well.”

MP3: Shots Fired — The Fall Off Episode w/ guest Paul Iannacchino

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