December 26, 2012

Douglas Martin wants all that stupid old shit like letters and sodas.

I’ll save you the chore of reading another essay about how good a year for music 2012 was. As Nas once said, “Why shoot the breeze about it when you could be about it?” Since we’ve already given you the fifty best rap songs of the year, I thought I would take it upon myself to begin my fifth year writing for Passion by curating a fifty-song mix filled to the brim with great rock songs. Fifty tracks at almost two-and-a-half hours should be enough to satiate your appetite after already wading through so much music during the international holiday of List Season across the Internet. There are things here you’ve definitely heard (“Open Your Heart”), things you should have heard (“Clouds”), and things you definitely haven’t heard unless you live inside of my brain or I see you at every single show I go to (“I Been Searchin’”).

This is by no means a “Best Rock Songs of 2012” mix; quite a few great tracks had to be omitted for both continuity and accessibility purposes. As much as I loved The Seer, a thirty-minute track probably would send everybody into the other room to make a sandwich and watch Parks and Recreation while they’re waiting for the next song. However, this is me we’re talking about, so if you even have a passing familiarity with my column, it assured isn’t too accessible. No soulless indie fluff, no transparent bid for credibility. Fuck a Japandroid, the rock on this mix is really worth celebrating.

Tracklist below the jump.

ZIP: V/A — Douglas Martin’s 2012 Dirty Shoes Megamix


1. Sic Alps – “Polka Vat”
2. Estrogen Highs – “It Has to Rhyme”
3. The Mallard – “Iggy Pop”
4. Spider Bags – “Keys to the City”
5. Connections – “On Your Mind”
6. Times New Viking – “Sleep-In”
7. La Sera – “Please Be My Third Eye”
8. Woollen Kits – “Be Your Friend”
9. X-Ray Eyeballs – “Syrup”
10. Allah-Las – “Sacred Sands”
11. Ty Segall – “The Hill”
12. Crocodiles – “No Black Clouds for Dee Dee”
13. Gap Dream – “Greased”
14. The Doozer – “Burning Bright”
15. Grass Widow – “Hang Around”
16. Hunx – “Private Room”
17. Moon Duo – “Free Action”
18. The Future Primitives – “I Been Searchin’”
19. Ty Segall – “Crybaby”
20. Screaming Females – “Rotten Apple”
21. Holograms – “Fever”
22. Mind Spiders – “Play You Out”
23. Woods – “Cascade”
24. Royal Headache – “Back and Forth”
25. METZ – “Get Off”
26. Ex-Cult – “Young Trash”
27. Thee Oh Sees – “Lupine Dominus”
28. The Men – “Open Your Heart”
29. No Joy – “Junior”
30. Tamaryn – “Heavenly Bodies”
31. Deep Time – “Clouds”
32. Posse – “14 Days”
33. The Shivas – “Baby I Need You”
34. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – “Schnitzel Boogie”
35. The Fresh & Onlys – “Foolish Person”
36. Cold Pumas – “Variety Lights”
37. White Fence – “Do You Know Ida Know?”
38. Terry Malts – “No Big Deal”
39. Naomi Punk – “The Buzz”
40. The People’s Temple – “Fortune Teller”
41. Burnt Ones – “Heroin (Velvet Underground cover)”
42. DIIV – “Air Conditioning”
43. Lower Dens – “Candy”
44. Tyvek – “Sea Walls”
45. Royal Baths – “Nightmare Voodoo”
46. K-Holes – “Child”
47. Cold Showers – “In Terms of Pleasure”
48. The Intelligence – “Fidelity”
49. Dunes – “Living Comfortably”
50. Useless Eaters – “Tight Squeeze”

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