December 28, 2012

Haikus by Passion of the Weiss staff. Sorry/Not sorry.

No one gives a fuck
about songwriting at all
anymore, that right?

Animal Collective — Centipede HZ

Avant guardians?
Or a bunch of man-children
Scribbling on samplers?

Sung Tongs was the one
Great album recorded by
These dudes, give it up

Wiz Khalifa — Cabin Fever 2

Recapture old fans
by rehashing a concept
nobody cared about

Rick Ross – Black Bar Mitzvah

How to lose (further)
credibility using
just some album art

Lupe Fiasco — Food & Liquor 2

Lupe now creates
abrasive, political,
“off my lawn” music.

Machine Gun Kelly – Lace Up

You can remove the
trailer park from the teen, but
not from his music

Waka Flocka – Triple F Life: Fans, Friends & Family

Classic example
of raw, exciting talent
the industry ruined

Kreayshawn – Something About Kreay

Having “buzz” can get
you a record deal, but will
anyone listen?

Purity Ring – Shrines

Just because something
Is dark or gory, goddammit
Doesn’t mean it’s deep

Beach House – Bloom

How many times can
you make the same record? The
sound of paint crying

Slaughterhouse — Welcome To: Our House

Lyrics, yo.Lyrics,
Lyrics, yo. Lyrics yo. Word.
Skyler Gray got bars.

Dominik Lord – Fashion Show

Destroy his sweater.
The PM Dawn of swag rap.
Fashion suicide

You owe Lil B bad.
You won’t be around next year.
Popped a bubble woo

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