January 16, 2013

Son Raw
is studying hard to get his R&B critic license.

We slept on this Destiny’s Child reunion track because hey, it’s a Destiny’s Child reunion track and the proud writers of Passion of the Weiss haven’t listened to nearly enough Brandy album cuts to pass the required R&B-critic approval process and/or care. Besides, if you’re enough of a poptimist to want deep insight about what this means for Beyonce and Co., I’m assuming you’ve got another site in your blog-roll dedicated to such purposes.

All TRL related flashbacks aside however, this thing came out of left field and I’m ready to give all credit to Pharell. Leave it to the man who produced Grindin’ in all its synthesized Triton glory to bring back the breakbeat a decade after he helped kill it. Quiet as kept the man keeps putting out jams long after the Neptunes’ glory days, happily trading in his kingmaker status for the kind of behind the scenes pinch hits that made Kendrick and Frank Ocean’s albums the classics that they were. This time, he brings back the kindler, gentler side of early 90s rave as matter of factly as if it was a Roy Ayers loop – he may have popped a Molly but he’s not sweating, this is as breezy and relaxed as a morning set in the chill out tent.

I wonder how long the U.S’ MDMA moment will last before old people realize the entire country’s morphing into a bizarro world version of early 90s England: breaks, persistent unemployment, MDMA fuelled optimism, conservatives in a rout and an obsession with Football, albeit not the same Football. In this scenario Chief Keef plays the role of Shaun Ryder and DeadMau5 is your Prodigy. Good luck America, you’ll need it.

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