January 30, 2013

You say no to drugs, MobbDeen can’t.

It’s a really clever move for Juicy J to shoot a video for this track approximately 15 months after he first released the track as a random loosie, then as part of his Blue Dream & Lean mixtape. After all, his buzz is about as big as it’s going to get and I imagine that many, if not most, of the people who love “Bandz” haven’t really dug in to Juicy’s most recent mixtapes (or back catalogue as part of Three 6 Mafia).

In my humble opinion, the most interesting thing about Juicy’s resurgence via “Bandz A Make Her Dance” is that “Bandz” is a good song, but it’s not even close to being the best song he’s dropped over the last 2 or 3 years. As a matter of fact, the loving essay I devoted to “Bandz” during our end of the year round-up was initially bemoaning the fact that “Bandz” just happened to be the song that blew up, as opposed to any of my favorites, but I chose to minimize the grinch act and just celebrate last year’s strip club anthem.

The man has a ton of bangers, mostly produced by Lex Luger (where you at nigga?) scattered across the two mixtapes he’s been touring on for the last year. “She Dancin” is just one of several. Juicy’s next official single – “Show Out” featuring Young Jeezy & Medium Sean – is a pretty decent song, but it sounds more like a Jeezy vehicle than a Juicy J song, given that Jeezy performs the hook and has the closing verse. For the umpteenth time, “Show Out” essentially boils down to a rapper using a crutch he doesn’t really need. Given the amount of trouble Jeezy had getting his last project in stores, he might have been better off keeping this for himself.

On the other hand, a song like “She Dancin” strikes me as a purer distillation of Juicy J and it’s a damn banger to boot. All Juicy J, all vulgar, all verve. And it has the added benefit of being explicitly about strippers – just like “Bandz!” And the video is one big tribute to racial harmony right before Black History Month! So much snow in post-Django America. What’s not to love? Here’s to this shit “accidentally” blowing up just like “Bandz” did…

MP3: Juicy J – “She Dancin'” (Left-Click)

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