MobbDeen: You Choo-Choo Choose Me: Curren$y’s Rolodex Rap Single w/ Wiz Khalifa, Ricky Rawse & Lex Luger

Deen’s from Houston, you know how he’s coming. I’m fairly certain that February 3rd’s, New Jet City, is yet another Currensy freebie (intended to commemorate N’awlins...
By    January 31, 2013

Deen’s from Houston, you know how he’s coming.

I’m fairly certain that February 3rd’s, New Jet City, is yet another Currensy freebie (intended to commemorate N’awlins hosting the Super Bowl), so I’m left wondering how and why the man decided to let this one go for free. Look at the star power on this shit! in comparison to Rawse, Wiz and Lex Luger, Curren$y might be the least recognizable name of the bunch. Yay rolodex rap!

As a long time Currensy fan, I understand and appreciate the aesthetic he’s fostered over the years, but he’s long hinted at being capable of making songs like this — which in turn has often left me wondering why he’s never taken a real shot at rap superstardom. Granted, his style is fairly idiosyncratic and it took a severe watering down by one of his collaborators on this song to get it to the mainstream, but I’ve always thought that Spitta was capable of much more than he’s let on.

Hooks will never be Currensy’s strong suit, but I’ve gotta say that this one works. It’s simple, catchy and vapid enough to actually work in an arena where one wouldn’t normally expect to hear Spitta: radio. Better yet, the hook and his verse pretty much stick to Spitta’s topics of choice: cars, weed and women. Wiz turns in his most energetic verse in a long minute (that album came and went, didn’t it?) and it’s too bad that Rawse probably recorded his verse before someone threw 20+ bullets in the direction of his Rolls Royce and missed WITH EACH ONE (yeah, I’m cynical and skeptical). It would have been hilarious if the fat man had managed to work in a reference, but I’ll take one of his regular and competent “this is how I stunt” verses.

As for Lex Luger, I wouldn’t have known this was his work without Spitta giving him a quick shout at the beginning of the song. It’s safe to say that Lex has well and truly evolved beyond the “BMF: sound that got him into the game and the results are splendiferous mane. This shit sounds more like some DJ Toomp shit as opposed to Lex’s old shit and that’s a good thing, given the early criticism Lex faced. I don’t even know what that whiny sound on the hook and throughout the first half Wiz’s verse is. Is that a fucking oboe? An accordion? Whatever the fuck it is, Lex done came up.

Currensy novices often complain that he drops too much music and I usually respond by explaining that you can’t pay full attention to everything he drops, but he’s usually good for at least one or two really good projects per annum. If this song is an accurate reflection of what awaits us on New Jet City, then I’m guessing that Spitta plans to burn his strongest product off early in 2013…

MP3: Curren$y ft. Rick Ross & Wiz Khalifa (prod. by Lex Luger) – “Choosin”

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