February 7, 2013

Finally, an episode of Shots Fired without a cringe worthy title. Naturally, it’s about a world I knew next to nothing about. My experience with battle rap extended little beyond drunken impossibly wack college cyphers and downloading Eminem battles off Napster during the height of the Scribble Jam era. I’ve watched Grind Time battles but not to the extent that I would call myself attuned to that world. Thankfully, my co-host has a past life as one of the best battlers of all-time and we brought in two more, Cadalack Ron and Dizaster to break down the highs and lows of mocking other people for money. And the joke that is Canibus. I learned me some things.

Below the jump, the full episode description, the MP3, and a new video of Nocando freestyling.

“Battle rappers Dizaster & Cadalack Ron join MC Nocando & Jeff Weiss today to talk about the art of battle rap. They discuss the origins of battle rapping, the transition between battling over beats to battling acapella, and how YouTube brought battle rapping to a world wide audience. Dizaster & Cadalack Ron also tell us about how they got into battle rapping, their most important moment in their battle rap careers, and their thoughts on ghostwriters.”

MP3: Shots Fired, Episode 15: The Battle Episode – Featuring Cadalack Ron & Dizaster

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