With America convinced that the Harlem Shake is really the Oswald Cobblepot waddle, it seemed like a fitting time to have on Salva, the Chicago-bred, LA-based producer who has been blowing up ever since he and RL Grime remixed “Mercy.” I explained the story in an LA Weekly column last month, but in short, Salva combines rap and dance music more organically and with more originality than almost anyone I have seen. So with dance music and rap separated by the thinnest margin since Sugarihll rapped over Chic, we had him on to discuss a history of the best and worst collaborations. It’s one of my favorite Shots Fired episodes that we’ve done, not least because I get to sing the praises of “Groove is in the Heart.” Below the jump, the episode summary and MP3. Plus, you should watch Nocando’s latest freestyle video and stream Salva’s excellent new EP, Odd Furniture, out on Friends and Friends.

“Producer Paul Salva and rapper Marcel Carrion join MC Nocando & Jeff Weiss to discuss the greatest and worse dance songs in rap history. They talk about Rapper’s Delight, Planet Rock, Egyptian Lover, 2 Live Crew, N.W.A’s “Panic Zone,” Good Vibrations, Deee-Lite’s “Groove Is In The Heart,” The Jungle Brothers, Technotronic, The Dogs’ “You Mama’s On Crack Rock,” Missy Elliot’s “Lose Control,” Kanye West’s “Stronger,” The Black Eyed Peas, and Azealia Banks. The guys also talk about Hip house, G-funk, the rise of trap music, and of course the Harlem shake. Plus, Jeff tells us about going to a porn star attended funeral. Don’t go into a K-hole!”


MP3: Shots Fired Episode 17: The 22 2-Step — The History of Dance & Rap

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