February 18, 2013

If Jordan Pedersen talked much, you’d probably think he graduated college, which he did.

Prior to “Team Dope,” Rockboy K9 mostly traded in somber polemics over equally downcast beats. Whereas this one flips a comparatively breezy Mayer Hawthorne sample into the kind of dynamic obstacle course that I could see Gangsta Gibbs leaping all over. The Gibbs comparison carries over to the satisfying tension between the sound and the subject matter: Rockboy’s still rapping about “dope money inside a plastic bag,” but he no longer sounds like he’s spitting it from the depths of hell. And even though he lacks Gibbs’ sinister baritone, he similarly has more wit than others give him credit.

All black on the inside I’m Fred Hampton
But that paint job cocaine white like Mike Jackson
Now everything I touch got a ring to it I’m Phil Jackson

What else I’ve heard from the upcoming EpicJanuary (which dropped this month because of course it does) are more overtly political, but I’m much more interested in dudes rapping about the dichotomy between the ice around their neck and the bodies at their feet. Rockboy’s a Chicago native, but from the looks of the video, he’s recently relocated to Los Angeles. So who can blame him for lightening up a bit?

ZIP: Rockboy K9 – EpicJanuary (Left-Click)

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