Jordan Ryan Pedersen
When people ask Jordan Pedersen what got him into hip-hop, he gives the most boring answer: he wrote a paper on rap for a sociology of race and ethnicity class back in college. That's true, but it's also less embarrassing than that he started on the non-union Florida equivalent of rap - Limp Bizkit - and progressed through a high school career marked by spiky hair, AFI arm bands, and rotations in the pit at the Warped Tour. But the lock-in, as they call it in screenwriting, for Jordan's journey into rap, when he started having more opinions than anyone cared to hear on the genre, was when he started reading a site called Passion of the Weiss in late 2009. One night after badgering him on Twitter for the umpteenth time, Jordan received a DM from Jeff asking if he wanted to write for the site. He's been a member of the team ever since. When he's not listening to rap, he's bumping some combination of southern soul, black metal, honky-tonk country, and whatever electronic music Sach tells him to listen to. His work has appeared in Complex Magazine, MTV Hive, Hypervocal, and the Good Men Project.

Currently Listening:

The Quintet - Jazz at Massey Hall

Freddie Hubbard - Breaking Point

Charles Mingus - Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus

Marvin Gaye - let's Get It On

Chris Bell - I Am The Cosmos

Andrew WK - I Get Wet

The Byrds - The Notorious Byrd Brothers

Randy Newman - Good Old Boys

OBN IIIs - Live in San Francisco

Warm Soda - Young Reckless Hearts


Currently Watching:

The Good Wife (S6)

Cheers (S1)

@midnight (S2)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S2)

MasterChef Junior (S2)

SNL (S40)


A Most Violent Year


All Is Lost

Picnic at Hanging Rock

The Innocents


Taxi Driver

Too Many Cooks


Currently Reading:

Robert Caro - The Path to Power (The Years of Lyndon Johnson, Book 1)

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Jordan Pedersen is workinonit I don’t envy the instrumentalist. Us writers get all these words to establish a setting, tell a story. But he without words has to tell a story through sound and mood alone. It’s gotta be hard. That’s probably why most producers stick with the same milieu: Blaxploitation, dusty grooves, teased afros […]