February 20, 2013

You might remember the synaesthetic sounds of the London-based, One Handed Music-signed, Mo Kolours. Last November, Evan Nabavian neatly summarized his aesthetic: “paleo-beats from finger snaps, shakers, hand drums, chimes, and bodiless vocals. By carefully limiting his sound palette, he marries the sega music of his native Mauritius to a universal language of funk. Simple beats for hectic times.”

Over the last half-decade, there’s been a strong synchronicity between LDN and LA so it’s unsurprising that Mo links up for a remix via Shafiq Husayn, fresh off a Grammy win for his work with Franklin Ocean. Enter “Bomptious,” a neologism that I imagine is constructed from “bomp” and “bumptious.” To extend the figment, it sounds like this song: slightly rough but funky. Sawed off but soulful.  Serious but playful enough to make up words like an old scat artist or rhyme “we do it tightly/Keira Knightley.” At least, that’s what I hear and I am my own funk thesaurus.  If none of this makes sense, think Gonjasufi flowing over a Dam-Funk track. Or if you’re not into the whole comparison thing: this is what you want to play when you are cruising on a Moped through a tropical paradise with a neon drink in your hand and a spliff dangling from your lips.  There is rum in your lungs and smoke in your brain and everything is bomptious.

Track below the jump. Drinks available at the Tiki Ti.

MP3: Mo Kolours – Mix for Dublab – 2.5.13

1. Paul White – Live @ The Jazz Cafe, london 18th Jan 2013
feat.Tenderlonius&Mo Kolours
2. With you baby. George duke loop edit – Mo Kolours feat. Al Dobson Jr (hand claps & shaker)
3. Help your insides – J Bassa (Brooklyn rd backfeilds studios) the ville.
4. Movement – J Bassa (mixed @ Edenville studios) mama ready salted productions
5. Concentrate. – J Bassa (Darkhall squared)
6. Ladies and Gentlemen – Tightface (Brixcity Heights)
7. Go ahead don’t stop – Tightface (from the EP Dread time lines)
8. You better Recognise – Tightface (produced @ the heights)
9. 3000 Black_conroy deb – Al Dobson Jr
10. Nigerian – Al Dobson Jr (Brixcity Heights)
11. My Girl Lovelution – Al (Dobbi) Dobson Jr on drums
12. Foolish Gurl – Tenderlonius. from ‘Tenders house’
13. Hold On1 (skit) – Tenderlonius. from the album ‘Tenders house’ ferndale
14. Casey jnr (woking house) – Tenderlonius. features on ‘Tenders House’
15. Brixton House – MO KO. kick movement (Brixcity Heights)
16. Bahia – MO KO. Bizoo Basement (from Sunhouse)
17. World Forest (get loose) – J Bassa (low funk vol2)
18. Zoop – Tightface (Brixcity) bloodtest
19. Break it down right – Al Dobson Jr (Dobi riddem)
20. Paul white (one-handed music) Live @ The Jazz Cafe, london 18thJan 2013
feat.Tenderlonius &Mo Kolours

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