November 20, 2012

Evan Nabavian is back from the dead like he was on house arrest.

Take all the hi-hats, synths, vocoders, 808s, theremins, and copies of MTV Music Generator and put them away for just a second. Now breathe. Wasn’t that nice? The irony here is that I just spent two weeks without electricity waiting to turn on my computer so I could listen to this single and write about it. But fuck irony and fuck the Long Island Power authority too.

“Brave” and “Dredd Music” are a departure from even the most “organic” production. Mo Kolours makes paleo-beats from finger snaps, shakers, hand drums, chimes, and bodiless vocals. By carefully limiting his sound palette, he marries the sega music of his native Mauritius to a universal language of funk. Simple beats for hectic times.

Tracks below the jump.

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