The latest Shots Fired found Bonobo stepping into the Purple Room at Earwolf Studios. It’s theoretically named after Prince, but I have personally christened it after Killa Cam.  If you’re unfamiliar with the excellent English downtempo producer, you should right that by acquiring Black Sands and his new record, North Borders, that drops next month on Ninja Tune. Then work backwards. Or you could just listen to this podcast, wherein we discuss electronic music scenes in the UK, how Hip Hop was his introduction into exploring other genres of music, the early years of dubstep and learning how to operate a dance floor by playing a bunch of shows in a jazz room in Brighton. Bonobo also told us why he chose to name himself Bonobo, played a few tracks from the new record, and I uh, broke down a previous weekend experience with moon rocks. It got weird, as it’s supposed to. The MP3 is below the jump, along with a new Nocando freestyle video, and a collabo track between Bonobo and Badu that is pretty incredible.

MP3: Shots Fired, Episode 19: Gorillas in the Mist w/ Bonobo

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